Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Winter 988 - Wandering in the Wilderness

The wind howled across the wasteland that was once the Border Kingdoms. Entire villages lay in ruins, pillaged and burnt by the invading armies. Among them lay Alwinton, Ragnar's adoptive home. The blackened ruins were now dusted in snow, a starkly contrasting testament to the life that once populated the village. The tracks leading from the village had proved that some of the villagers still lived as captives of the goblins. Ragnar thought bleakly on this as the goblin that styled himself King Rech led Ragnar's group onward. It seemed that the goblins were taking the villagers back to a base far into Zog-Rot itself for they had not stopped at any of the goblin villages along the way. Their purpose was clear to Ragnar for he knew that the goblin gods demanded sacrifices and dined on still beating hearts. He only hoped that he would get there in time.

Ragnar had no encounter this season.

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