Friday, 24 June 2011

Spring 990 - Campaign Update

With the close of winter, the campaigning season begins again. The armies of Treyine and the Brethren emerge from their winter quarters and the Treyine army immediately takes the offensive, launching an assault into the heart of The Rock.

To the west Altengard has awoken. Seeing easy pickings their army enters Ekra with the intention of annexing it.

In Hykar civil war has broken out between Barbax Gutripper, former leader of all Hykari, and Hardecg Legbiter the emergent leader of the tribes of the south. The Mirish, possibly taking advantage of the chaos caused by a civil war, but also rumoured to be secretly allied with one or both of the Hykari factions have entered Hykari territory intent upon seizing it.

Numerous mercenaries, heroes and wizards have emerged to seek their fortunes amid the conflict and blood and gore of Talomir and it just remains to see which armies choose to recruit them. Full army lists may be found on the Campaign Army Lists page. The leaders of each nation are all detailed on the National Leaders page.

The situation in Spring 990:

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