Friday, 24 June 2011

Winter 989 - Oh Brother Cedric!

Dear Griselda,

Thank you for the bread you sent over. You are however going to have to be more careful while baking. There was a large piece of metal in the last loaf you sent. Fortunately one of the guards spotted it and removed it before any harm could be done.

It’s a strange place Treyine, with very bizarre customs. Last week the laundry woman came in and told me to strip her, tie her up and then put on her clothes. I immediately called for the guards and had the young lady thrown out. I know they say when in Tropilium and all that, but there is a limit.

The heads of the Brethren still seem to have a shortfall of money for my ransom. It has been a very expensive few years apparently. Still, they are hoping to hold a jumble sale in aid of my release later this month. It would have been earlier, but apparently Father Dugan’s donkey needs an expensive operation.

I am still being treated well by the Treyine. Although Lord Fondlegrew seems a little forgetful. Every time he sees me, he asks why I’m still here.

I was pleased to hear that the lads all got back safely after the battle. Although it must have chafed walking all that way naked.

Hope to see you again soon,
Brother Cedric

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