Thursday, 23 June 2011

Winter 989 - Campaign Update

With the start of the Winter 989 turn we move to Rally Round The King as our battle rules, as mentioned previously.

Brother Cedric is currently languishing in a Treyine cell, awaiting either ransom or a daring escape. Ragnar has made his way to the former location of the village of Alwinton on the border of what is now Treyine territory. The villagers are pleased to be home and Ragnar may now mourn his dead.

The winter turn starts with Mirish ceasing to claim Brethren territory now that Treyine has captured the province and blocks all movement through to the Brethren. Treyine and the Brethren are still at war though.

The Brethren must promote yet another Brother to the fore as general. Life in the Brethren army is clearly short but glorious. In this case Brother Superior (WR 4) now commands the Brethren army in battle.
Zog Rot is now led by Grargh the Merciless (WR 2).
In Tropilium the emperor has died this winter and is replaced by his son Cesare Salato (WR 3).

Heroes and Wizards
Sir Gervaise de Fe has died of gout while serving in the Ekran army.
The wizard Edrech (L1) has also died in a nasty accident in his lab.

Magical Items, Artefacts and Holy Relics
Treyine has recovered The Spear of St Lindorf, when they captured Brother Cedric in battle.
The Drums of Doom have been found in The Rock and are now in the possession of The Brethren.
The Book of the Hungry Moon has surfaced in Zog-Rot in the hands of their new leader. Coincidence? I think not!

The current state of the world:

With the advent of the year 990, Altengard and the Orcs join our campaign.


  1. We apologise for the delay. We were waiting for a consignment of lemon-soaked paper napkins! :-)

    Did I mention that we are really looking forward to sinking our teeth into RRtK?


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