Thursday, 1 September 2011

Summer 990 - Dear Barbax ...

Dear Barbax,

I’m sorry to hear of your recent losses. I too find myself basically homeless. It will be difficult to return even to Harbottle, my home of many years.

Life is not too bad as a guest of the Treyine. Brother Superior, the former head of the Brethren has recently taken up residence nearby and we have discussed the future. Following these discussions I have decided to set up an academy for training in the martial skills. This will be at the Brethren preceptory in Harbottle. They have given me command of it. This will mean I can still protect the people of the Border from attack by Orcs and Goblins. It will also mean that the Brethren can live on in this form and train young people in the ways of the Brethren.

As the old saying goes ‘every dark cloud has a silver lining’. I find myself short of riding and archery instructors. I would therefore like to invite yourself and some of your clan to come to Harbottle and help with the school. Not quite sure how this will fit in with the Brethren philosophy, but Brother Superior seems to think it is a wonderful idea. As we are going to have young boarders staying at the school it may be good to have a ‘mother’ figure as well as a father figure.

I must admit I miss your company as well. It would also be good for your daughter to be raised in a good family atmosphere, unless, of course, her father is finally stepping forward and looking after her and doing the decent thing toward you. I find his behaviour totally bemusing and if you would let me have his name I shall go and knock some sense into him.

Yours Faithfully,
Brother Cedric

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