Friday, 2 September 2011

The National Elf Service

The Elves of Lothgolin, or Silver Elves as they are colloquially known, once rules the whole world. Nowadays they are confined to a single province and beset on all sides by humanity, Orcs, Goblins and evil Elves. Yet, they have found a way to survive. Some say that they are in possession of a magical potion that gives each of them the strength of thirty men. Others say that they have great magics that cannot be defeated. Whatever the truth is, the Silver Elves have chosen now to emerge onto the world stage. One can only wonder what threat is so great that they should have to do so.

In Lothgolin it is the case that all adult Elves must serve in the army when they are young and that they are liable to be called back into the army when their land is threatened. This is the National Elf Service.

The bulk of the Elves in the army are archers, the feared Red Arrows, who are so called because of the colour of the fletching on their arrows.

The main melee force in the army are the Spearelves, here shown with their main commander, Kylee Lochalsh:

To support these two arms, a regiment of Elves was formed whose front rank deploys with spears while the rear rank fires arrows from behind the shields of the former. These marines, as they are known for no readily apparent reason, are few in numbers but of fearsome effectiveness.

The Unicorn Guard are the personal bodyguard of the Elven king. It is often unkindly commented by the rank and file that they are the Unicorn Guard because, when it comes to fighting, they are rare as Unicorn shit. Here we see the Guard deployed with their commander-in-chief and king, Elvish III:

Elves are magical people and they can usually call on the services of powerful magi to provide support for their armies. Here we see an Elven Druid, dressed in his ragged finery of animal skin and skull with horns. Elven Druids can have great power and are rumoured to be able to send entire forests on the rampage through the homes of those that have annoyed them.

The Elves will be joining the campaign next season. All figures are Baccus 6mm.

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