Thursday, 1 September 2011

Summer 990 - Dear Cedric ...

Dear Brother Cedric,

It is with heavy, but also glad, heart that I write you this letter. Many is the time we have talked of our future, but alas it is not to be. I have met my true love in the form of a Treyine nobleman, Sir Terence Bounder of Bounderingham and Caddington.

We could not help this. Our eyes met across my floury baps and we fell deeply in love. He is such a wonderful man and I’m sure you will like him, when you meet him. In fact he has arranged for you to be able to attend the wedding, so I hope you’ll come. Terrypoos says it would be a wonderful symbol of the Brethren acceptance of their friends from Treyine. I just think it would be nice.

Our wedding will be held in the Cathedral of Saint Martha the Submissive in Caddington. It’s what used to be the Cathedral of Saint Wilhelm the Vanquisher before its name was changed and it was re-consecrated.

Hope this letter finds you well,

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