Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Autumn 990 - The Battle of the Telkar Bird

Spahblod Shahin the Rash, held the perfumed cloth to his nose.
“Can’t you move the blasted Ogres further away, Rashom, even through the perfumes I can smell the thrice damned things,” he growled at his subordinate, “Well at least this battle should be over quickly. The elves have only sent a scouting party.”
The battle was fought in the arid regions in eastern Mirish, a land once bountiful but now a dust bowl. It was an utterly featureless landscape. The Elven army comprised six units of battle elves and a small coven of three wizards. Their opponents had eighteen units, including some of the heaviest cavalry in the world. It should be an easy battle for the Mirish.
With a signal the army advanced. The Ogres lumbered on ahead straight towards the elves.“See if the pointy eared scum like their smell any better, hey Rashom”, yelled Shahin.
The Mirish army advances while the Elven reserve moves to counter the enemy skirmishers. The Mirish general's unit advances precipitately as a fireball hits them and encourages them to charge to soon
The cavalry followed the Ogres with the skirmish cavalry on the right and the foot skirmishers on the left and the elephants next to his cavalry, the Mirish Army made an impressive sight.
The archers shoot at the ogres while the Mirish army seeks to surround the Elves
As the Ogres approached the Elven lines they faltered and began to shuffle backwards. A fireball arched from the Elven ranks and into Shahin’s unit. Still onward they charged into the Elven line, but instead of falling back they held. Shahin’s men began to panic.
The Mirish general charges the Elven line and promptly routs along with a chunk of his army
Then from out of the blue a huge Telkar bird flew across the sun carrying a young goat in it’s claws. Such an evil omen could mean only one thing, the battle was lost. Shahin and his men turned and fled with many of his other units following.
After the rout few remained
Rashom tried to rally the remaining units, but it was too little and soon the tide of the battle had turned with the Elves in the ascendancy.
It's all down to mopping up now
A brave effort was made to defeat the Elves but the wizards raised the bodies of the dead Mirish to fight the living ones.

Only a few Mirish left.

And then there were just the levies left to deal with
The loss of the Mirish general early on killed the Mirish effort to beat the Elves. They were never able to capitalise on their numbers after that and the Elves just had to pick the skirmishers off piecemeal. The Mirish have sworn vengeance on the Elves and will certainly attack them next year to recover their territory.


  1. Nice report. My brother and I had to stop in the middle of our battle because we had tickets to see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (meh). I only have a cellphone and my pictures are horrendous. I'll have him take the rest with his much snazzier phone. It appears that RRtK battles are pretty quick once contact is made. I am worried I'm not doing it right but it's getting a little smoother. I intend to post more narrative here and game mechanics on my blog.

    1. RrtK is fast generally, and i like that once contact is made, the outcomes only takes a turn or two. I have no idea if i am playing it right as it is only me playing the rules. But i have fun anyway. I do know I have got things wrong in the past for RRtK having payed Warrior Kings beforehand, I have baggage. I remember a discussion from elsewhere that it is likely that a set of rules is unlikely (out side of tournaments) to be played exactly how is is supposed to be played - there will always be a slip of a rules, mis-interpretation etc.

  2. I'd have won if it hadn't been for that incompetent general. Wait a minute that was me :-).


    1. Oh dear, Steve, and there was I thinking it was that there Telkar bird that doomed your enterprise! :)

  3. No worries, Sean. If you don't get the rules exactly right, that is not a problem. Just learn from your mistakes and move on. We make mistakes all the time. We just don't mention them in the battle reports (unless they are tactical mistakes that mean we can laugh at each other)! :) Anyway, looking forward to seeing how Seniira does regardless of the photo quality.

    Posting narrative here is good and suits the style of the campaign.

    1. I also made some mistakes in my first battle but that's part of the war ;-)
      That Mirish general should be decapitated for his incompetence. Oh wait, he's already dead, doesn't he? :P

    2. He managed to escape in the rout, but I suspect that his liver will be feeding the Telkar bird soon. :-)

  4. Another good battle report. You guys have been doing a great job on this's been fun to follow. Keep up the great work!!!

  5. The Elves should made a banner with a Telkar bird in it...

    1. I shall begin embroidering it immediately! :-)


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