Friday, 29 June 2012

Winter 990 - Campaign Update

Winter is coming. Actually, it has arrived already, and with it we welcome Sean and Javier to the campaign.

Javier will control Altengard.
Sean will control Mirholme.
Steve will control Naz-Goth.
I shall umpire and sort out the actions of non-player nations.

The Current Situation
At the end of the Autumn, Treyine had won two battles and driven back both the Goblins and the Seniirans. Mirholme had been united under the rule of Gunnar Broadaxe, while Tereken has been united under the rule of Harold I.

Mirish has been cut in two by the Elven attack.

Character Death Checks
Emperor Cesare Salato of Tropilium has died while being dressed by his nephew, Nic Salato (WR 3). His chirurgeon reports that he died of a surfeit of olives, but rumour has it that he was assassinated, because that is the traditional and proper method of succession.

The great Mirholmen hero Torfi has died of wounds received in an attack by person or persons unknown. His sword had blood on it, so the assailant(s) was wounded. Olaf Squinteye is the main suspect in this case.

The Tropilian wizard Pherros has perished in an alchemical experiment that created a large crater in the middle of Tropilium.

National Morale
The winter is hard for Zog-Rot and they sue for peace with Treyine. The peace will last until Winter 992.
Treyine and Seniira are still at war.
The Silver Elves and Mirish are still at war.

Magical Items

The Brethren control The Drums of Doom but have not passed them on to anyone else.
The Fiddle of Calling has been found in Zog-Rot.

The Brazier of Durman has surfaced in Hykar.
With the discovery of an artefact, a rogue dragon has also made an appearance, making its lair in Hykar.

Holy Relics
Treyine still controls The Spear of St Lindorf. 
The Goblins of Zog-Rot control The Book of the Hungry Moon.
Mirish controls The Crystal Light of Yakub. 
The current state of the world:
The campaign area at the end of Winter 990
New Armies
No new armies are joining the campaign this winter.


  1. Great campaign (but why the sea isn't blue?)!

  2. It's the parchment background. I have clipped the image of the map from a larger one that is designed to look like a colour map drawn onto parchment. You can see the full map here:
    I chose not to colour in the sea around the land because I thought it would look odd. Of course, it looks odd now when I clip sections of the map out to show only the main area of the action.

  3. kobayachimaru, why don't you join us in the campaign? It would be great fun!

    Ruarigh, then will we have to wait for you to tell us if we are at war and with whom, right?


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