Thursday, 21 June 2012

Autumn 990 - Civil War in Tereken

Harold's son-in-law Tostig had decided that half the kingdom was not enough for him. He had rallied troops to him and now planned to defeat Harold, take the whole kingdom and divorce Harold's daughter once and for all, so that he could marry the love of his life, instead of having to make some damned political marriage. Unfortunately, it appeared that all those eorls who had declared for Tostig were now changing their minds. Harolds army was twice the size of Tostig's. Never mind. A firm attack would soon put them in their place.
Tostig is outnumbered.
Tostig ordered his men to charge. They would take the fight to the enemy.
First blood
Tostig's skirmishers moved to the flanks to harry the enemy. His heavy infantry charged. The enemy cavalry counter-charged and the first fight was on. The enemy's charge was too much for half of Tostig's men and they routed, but his own unit held its ground and drove the cavalry back, ready to face the infantry onslaught behind it.
Skirmishers cause distractions
The fight in the centre was heavy and the skirmishers' arrows fell quickly on the enemy flanks, causing disorder and a few casualties.
It was not enough.
Unfortunately, it was not enough. Tostig's men fell too quickly and the enemy weight of numbers told. His huscarles routed leaving only a few skirmishers on the field. Tostig's claim to the throne was no more and Harold now rules all Tereken. It would be a long time before Tostig could emerge from hiding and try to claim the throne again, if indeed he ever could.

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