Thursday, 13 June 2013

Spring 994 - Orkerdammerung

The Undead army had little to say for itself. The Necromancer deployed his melee troops on the right and his skirmishers on the left, ready to swarm around the woods in the middle of the battlefield. The Orc army matched his deployment.
Deployment (Undead at bottom of picture looking a bit like Goblins)
 Both armies advanced as expected with the skirmishers quickly coming to blows.

As the skirmishers met, they quickly realised that the Orc skirmish line included a unit of main battle wolfriders, who saw off their opponents very quickly.
Steve reveals his cunning plan: pretend that a unit of wolfriders is skirmishers and manoeuvre them like that until they met the enemy in battle, then feign confusion about their true nature! :)
 While the skirmishers were destroying each other, the main battle lines met. The Orcs were pushed back while the Undead stood their ground. This was going to be a battle of attrition.
The battle rages as Orcs are pushed back and Undead stand steadfastly
Orcs start to rout but the undead line is close to falling apart
In the end most of the Undead were destroyed but the Orc commander fled with his unit and the rest of his army followed.
The aftermath. All that remained of the Undead
This was a real slugfest. Both armies stood and took a pounding. My poor rolling on the attack might have contributed to this but it really game down to the wire as the Undead Fanatic status counted for more than the Orcish higher Rep. Naz-Goth is no more and Steve must choose another nation to lead to defeat. The Book of the Hungry Moon has been temporarily lost in the Orc rout. It will reappear in Winter 994.


  1. "...Steve must choose another nation to lead to defeat."
    He could take Treyine, LOL!

  2. Hmm. I'm not sure if I am better at destroying nations as I actually destroyed myself in solo play. Good report.


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