Saturday, 9 November 2013

Spring 995 - Campaign Update

Spring is here and the Amulet of Sorbrowane has returned. This time it arrives in the hands of The Abyss. With the discovery of the Amulet, a rogue dragon turns up in Northern Tropilium. Worse yet, the demon Axzzzargallbargh has emerged in the former realm of Naz Goth and driven the ungrateful Orcs into a frenzy of revolt against their benevolent and kindly king.

Magic User Availability
Mirish recruits 2 L1 Magic-Users and 1 L2 Magic-User.
Stygustan recruits 1 L3 Magic-User and 1 L2 Magic-User.
Tropilium recruits 1 L1 Magic-User.

Hero Availability
No new heroes were recruited

Mercenary Availability
The Abyss recruits one company of Riatan Warriors.
Treyine recruits two companies of Brethren.
Tereken recruits one Drum Dwarven Artillery company.

Going to War
Black Moon Incarnate invades Treyine
Mirish invades The Abyss
Stygustan invades Treyine
Treyine invades Altengard
Tropilium invades Treyine
Rogue dragon invades Northern Tropilium
Talomir at the start of  Spring 995
Other News
Beastmen have emerged from their underground lairs in Barylistan to try to claim a place in the sun.

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