Saturday, 2 November 2013

Winter 994 - Campaign Update

The year 994 was eventful. Altengard saw its first reverse of fortune, although not a serious one. Stygustan's star seems to be rising as it trounced Tropilium. Mangu's elite horsemen have learnt the dangers of facing the Mirish army. The Capalan League is no more, as Tereken destroyed their last hold. The Abyss suffered the fate of many as it assaulted Treyine and lost. Tereken felt the wrath of Altengard. The Orcs of Naz Goth were finally subjugated by Treyine and are no more.
Talomir at the end of Winter 994
With two nations totally destroyed and many others teetering on the brink, the coming year promises to be eventful. The wheel of fate turns inexorably and the nations must continue their efforts.

Leader Death Checks
The King of Altengard has died. His son has replaced him on the throne (WR3). There were no suspicious circumstances.
Mirish Hero has died of an infection due to wounds sustained in combat against the Mangu.
The Treyine mage Dansforth has died in a freak wagon crash accident. The Watch is looking for a weaselly looking Altengardian, who was seen fleeing the scene of the crash.

National Morale
Both Altengard and Treyine pass 1 die and morale decreases by 1 point. The war will continue in the Spring.

Magic Items
The Pipes of the Dead have been found in Northern Tropilium.

The War Horn of Naz Goth has been found in Altengard.

Holy Relics
The Book of the Hungry Moon has reappeared in the hands of The Abyss.

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