Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Tactics in Rally Round the King

Thought I'd send a link to a small post on using horse archers in RRtK. Mangu players take note!

 Horse Archers for fun and profit!


  1. Ok, this is a pretty good example but it's causing me a lot of angst right now. Partly because I should really be playing out my battle. What this seems to be saying is that you cannot move and shoot in the same turn. I believe I have played it that way but mostly play allowing move and shoot. The only reference I see in the rules is on p39. Near the top of the second column, second paragraph "Mandatory Fire takes place when a Missle or Skirmish unit begins the turn in range of an enemy, does not move, and does not contact the target." This is the only reference to does not move. As usual, writing it out here has helped me muddle through and I'll just continue as normal. At least if my kids, who are home sick from some camp, will let me.

    1. That should be summer camp. I don't even have auto complete on this computer.

    2. We play that you do not move and shoot in the same turn, if that helps at all. So, you move up to shooting position and then shoot on the following turn. For us skirmishers are mostly about getting the enemy out of position of forcing them to take fire to maintain their ranks.


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