Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Autumn 995 - The Cliffs of Xobeohs

This battle was a lot of back and forth. It was mainly a contest between the Chariots of Stygustan and the Clibnarii of Northern Tropilium. They would ride up to within bow range, draw fire and be forsced to retire in turn. The magic advantage of Stygustan was huge as they were allowed to cast with impunity and to fairly good effect. The terrain really squeezed the battle to a very small area in the middle, which should have benefited Northern Tropilium. See what you think.

Comic Life 3 came through in the end but I had a few instances of it crashing unexpectedly as I started. Hope you all enjoyed it. The armies are still semi painted,  one day I will finish them (and the terrain).


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    1. Thanks Ed. I need to try some different tactics with the Clibnarii.

  2. Yup, a superb report and looking great too. I may have to invest in Comic Life myself.

    Neither Northern Tropilium nor Stygustan are sufficiently demoralised by all this fighting to surrender, so the war will continue in the Spring with a Stygustani invasion of Northern Tropilium.

    1. Thanks Ruarigh, Comic Life makes things go a tad faster than creating it from scratch in GIMP. It's fairly intuitive, but does have a few instances for me where it doesn't make sense. The instability was a new issue for me and I'm not sure what caused it, or why it appeared to resolve itself.

      N. Tropilium has it's hands full.


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