Thursday, 12 June 2014

Winter 995 - Campaign Progress

The year 995 was another year of vicious combat. Altengard's star is on the rise. Treyine's is waning as it begins to lose more battles regularly. The Tropilium Empire lies in ruins awaiting the first brave souls to pick its bones clean. The Abyss and Northern Tropilium can surely not survive any longer in the face of their stronger neighbours. The Black Moon Incarnate army was defeated and sent back to the darkness, but it threatens to rise once more. So, just another year in Talomir then.

The political situation in Talomir in Winter 995

Leader Death Checks
Mirish: Shazaam the Glorious dies when an alembic he was heating explodes in a freak accident.
Stygustan: L1 Magic-User dies when he steps on the glyph-covered toes of Wartchemacallit.
Tereken: Uhtred, son of Uhtred dies. His son, Uhtred (WR 2) replaces him.

National Morale
Abyss national morale goes down by 1 as they face imminent destruction
Mirish national morale goes down by 1 as the strain of war tells on its people

Ongoing Wars
Mirish invades The Abyss
Stygustan invades Northern Tropilium

Magic Items
Drums of Doon - Mangu
Fiddle of Calling - Treyine
Harlapane of Heroes - Altengard
Pipes of the Dead - Northern Tropilium

Amulet of Sorbrowane - The Abyss
Brazier of Durmun - Mangu
War Horn of Naz-Goth - Altengard

Holy Relics
Book of the Hungry Moon - The Abyss
Crystal Light of Yakub - Mirish
Spear of St Lindorf - Brethren

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