Wednesday, 9 July 2014


General Pereira shook his head. An assassin in his own camp? And the hero of the last battle, Shazaam the Mage as the target? Who's behind this? Pereira did a quick survey.
 A follower of the Demon that was beaten?
The new Level 2 Mage Kiana? Heck, it could even be the Royal Family from the capital.

"Take the body back into his quarters. Make it look like an accident, " Pereira said. "And find Kiana, I want to speak to her now!"

"My General?" came the female voice. Kiana had showed up recently in the camp, after the battle. She had been recruited by the Royal Family. Their shift towards favoring Black Magic over troops worried Pereira but he had to work with what he was given. Her and Shazaam didn't hit it off at all, but she acknowledged Shazaam's command.

"The wizard is dead," Pereira said. " No one is to know. If any ask, he died of an accident. We don't need morale problems, now that war with Treyine has been declared. Besides, it will look better for you."

Pereira watched for a reaction from Kiana but saw none. If she was behind it, it didn't matter. Only the war with Treyine did.

"As my General commands," Kiana replied with a slight bow." I am only here to serve. If you no longer need me, I will go. I want to be sure the transition is smooth and reassure my Mages."

As Kiana walked away, Pereira made note...." Mages."
One of the perks of this campaign is the chance to tie other games into the campaign narrative. With the death of Shazaam, alleged to have blown himself up, I saw another chance. So I dug around for an old module from Bob Minadeo, author of WHAA, called "Are you an Assassin?". Here it is with a little tweaking and here's a Bat Rep.

Game wise the Assassin was Rep 6, Shazaam and all the guards Rep 4. Only 4 guards were rolled as being available and only one was on duty when the assassin struck. And he was struck down on the first turn. All in all it smells fishy to me.
Rules used were Swordplay.


  1. Something is rotten in the state of Mirish, methinks. It's the stuff like this that really makes Talomir Tales come alive for me.

  2. Great stuff, it does really add to the campaign. I had meant to do a hole viking themed campaign on the side, and then promptly defeated myself with Tereken. Maybe I'll try to think of something.


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