Thursday, 10 July 2014

Stand and Deliver! A Talomir Tales Swordplay AAR

"It wasn't my fault, you know," General von Vonaway said.
"I don't want to hear it, now get some sleep," came the reply.

The coach came to an abrupt stop. The Captain exited the coach after insuring that Vonaway's shackles were secure. As he stepped into the night, a soldier apprised him of the situation. A tree had been blown down by the storm and blocked the road. Captain Hoffman set the guard and got the rest of the men to moving the tree. He'd be glad when they reached the port and he was no longer responsible for the prisoner.

Now there's a great example of a plan going to hell in a hurry. The plan was, stop the coach, win the In Sight and act first, cause a Man Down Test, and watch them runaway.

Except, I rolled zero successes on the In Sight.

This allowed the soldiers to grab their guns, but thankfully they couldn't fire, but would when charged.
Captain Hoffman fired but missed, my Star fired back and knocked him down, which proved very lucky as my Grunts didn't do well in melee. Two went Out of the Fight and one scraped up an Evenly Matched result.
After the In Sight, things looked bleak, but my side was still active. So I decided my Star would run over to the knocked down Captain and take a Challenge Test. Surrender or die!

Saved me from what was quickly becoming a very bad Encounter.


  1. So that's what really happened to von Vonaway. Hmm, the media in Talomir really is not very good! I think it may be in the pocket of the barons. :)

  2. swift decision that saved the day.


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