Saturday, 5 July 2014

Spring 996 - Stygustan vs N. Tropilium - Fugam Abolita

Since my flight yesterday was canceled I thought I'd get off the stick and play out my battle. This one went quick.

Northern Tropilium never really had a chance. They need to get up close and personal and that just doesn't work in the teeth of heavy bow fire. Add to that a Minor Demon and you've got real trouble. Surprisingly the army shrugged off the Leader Lost check after the generals unit evaporated, I didn't even bother to roll for Leader at Risk. If Priapus Harmonius had been on the other side things might have been different. Once the general was lost I didn't have enough War Rating to do much.

The Archers, both Auxiliaries and one Legion were lost in the pursuit. Not that it matters as I think North Tropilium has been completely conquered.

Let's see if I can make it on a plane today.


  1. Alas Northern Tropilium is no more. With the Abyss gone, this spring has seen two once great nations fall. Now all I have to do is find time for Steve and I to fight our battle.

  2. While I am at it, I have rolled for the Amulet of Sorbrowane (recovered by Mirish and usable next season) and the Book of the Hungry Moon (lost until Spring 997).

  3. Northern Tropilium may be gone, but its culture will survive it.

  4. No rush on the battle, I just unexpectedly had a free day when my flight was canceled. I used to worry about the convergence of the artifacts signalling the end times. Now I say bring it! ;)

    1. I totally understand your feelings. I have so much else to do that sometimes the campaign feels like a chore which is why we have taken breaks in the past. There's no real reason to push ourselves beyond the point of having fun after all. I have a battle report to write after tonight's game and there will be a new season update at some point soon too.


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