Sunday, 7 September 2014

Fight to the Death

"We are outnumbered and the humans have many cavalry, sire" said the Beastman.
"What is your point, Snarlz?" replied the Beastmen Alpha-Male.
Snarlz looked at the others and asked "What will we do?"
 "Why, we will die!" The Alpha-Male let out a terrifying laugh. "It's not when we die, it's how we die. Now let's die well!"

It went pretty much how I thought it would except for the cavalry losing the melee and retiring. If the Beastmen would have activated first they would have charged the retiring cavalry and maybe eliminated some units but they were hopelessly outnumbered. This is the first time the bows of the Clibinarri cavalry played a role. The threat of them shooting the Beastmen to death forced them to charge into melee.
The Crystal Light of Yakub, raisng the morale of the Mirsih Army, played a big role, as did the Hero.
Overall the Beastmen fought splendidly, giving out huge numbers of casualties, but it was a foregone conclusion.


  1. Love it, I must revisit RRtK again; I have several unfinished stands and units, but they have made way for other projects. It goes without saying, of course that they are all THW ;)

  2. Short and sweet. I fear that is how it will go with the Treyine / Brethren matchup. I need to get on finishing the figures.


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