Friday, 15 August 2014

Not Enough Killing in Your Pursuits?

Here's a little tip that goes a long way.
When you win a battle and have a major pursuit, that's the best time to deal your opponent a devastating blow. Here's how we do it:
According to the rules for Major Pursuit. The loser places his units from right to left in a single line on the table.

Next the pursuer places one of his non-routed units opposite one of the losing units. He starts with the loser worth the lowest points and goes to the one worth the most points. Now here's where you can raise the stakes.

The winner can start his pursuit with slower winning units, saving his faster (LC) units for more expensive losing units.

Example -
The loser has 2AC 2 skirmishers, 1 AC 4 infantry  and 1 AC  6 Knights lined up for pursuit.
The winner has 1 AC 2 Skirmish cavalry, 1 AC 2 skirmisher and 2 AC 4 infantry to pursue.
He decides to pursue the first 2 skirmishers with his 2 AC 4 infantry and uses his AC 2 skirmish on the losing infantry and the AC cavalry on the knight. The last two winners now move faster than the last two losers.

 If the losers pass 1d6 on the Casualty Recovery Table (page 43) they are destroyed.
So to make it easy to remember. Place your slowest moving winners first on the low point losers and keep your higher moving winners for the more expensive losers.

Now, back to our wars!

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