Saturday, 6 June 2015

Summer 998 - Campaign Progress

The once mighty nation of Stygustan now lies in ruins, torn asunder by the depredations of its rapacious neighbours. Can it last much longer as an independent entity? One thing is certain. With Mirish controlling much of the main nectarine-producing areas of Stygustan, General Pereira will not be short of fruit to munch on.

Tereken, the newcomer onto the global scene has been beaten back by Altengard. Crippling war reparations have been demanded that are likely to leave Tereken too impoverished to wage war for several years to come. Altengard demand for Tereken pine nuts is thought to be a means to obtain goods readily tradeable for crates of nectarines from Stygustan.

With the number of wars and peace treaties in place now, peace has broken out across most of Talomir. Only Mangu, Stygustan and Mirish have targets for their aggression.

Mangu invades Stygustan
Mirish invades Stygustan

In this ongoing war, Stygustan decides to try to defend against Mangu and cede territory to Mirish without a fight. The pharaoh realises that he is unlikely to defeat Mirish at this time.
The beginning of Summer 998

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