Tuesday, 28 April 2009

August 986- The Guards at Bad Pfefferzneets

The boat did not last the journey around the coast and Ragnar’s group soon had to travel on foot. Without the boat to ferry them away, the group decided that raiding would be a tricky proposition. Therefore they decided to venture further east and fight the goblins. Stopping on the way, they thought that it might be a good idea to have a wee drinkie at the nearest town. There was a tricky moment when the gate guards decided that this group might match the descriptions of the group that attacked Bad Reinigung. However, Ragnar quickly adopted his most innocent expression and talked his way out of the situation. As a result, his followers found new respect for him.

This was a city encounter 'inside' Altengard with the local authorities. Ragnar had to Talk the Talk, and he did so very successfully, resulting in an increase in his Social Standing. There was no combat.

N.B. In WHAA each nation has three locations: On The Border, Inside, and The Heart. To move through a nation you move to the border, then inside it, then to its heart. Once at its heart, you must move inside it before you can reach the border.

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