Friday, 17 April 2009

The Brethren

The Brethren are a military order of knights in the service of the Red Sun. They are vehemently opposed to all proponents of the Black Moon. Currently the Brethren control the Border Kingdoms by virtue of acting as governors to the children of the Border Lords. Many of the Lords died suddenly in a wave of assassinations that have not yet been solved. No one knows who ordered the assassinations or why. Without legitimate heirs of suitable age, the Brethren were asked to take the regency until such time as the Lords' children achieve their majority. The Brethren often undertake this sort of role in north-western Talomir because they are a (in theory) non-political organisation, although it is usually on a smaller scale. They tend to profit well from this and are wealthier in their own right than many small countries. They also have large land-holdings in the Border Kingdoms, a relict from the days when their crusade against the Goblins tore this kingdom from the wilderness and created it. With such large holdings here, it is in their interests to maintain a stable environment.

The Brethren Army is now ready to face the goblins in battle next week.

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