Thursday, 30 April 2009

Winter 986 - Campaign Progress

The situation during Winter 986:

Aftermath of the Autumn Turn
The Autumn turn saw the Brethren conquering one of the Goblin provinces. Then they retired to their winter quarters. No battles take place in Winter in Talomir.

As a result of losing a province, the National Morale of the Goblins is affected. It was 1. Normally the leader's War Rating is added to National Morale to see if they have the will to continue the war, but their leader died in the battle so they do not get this. With modifiers for losing the battle and losing a province, the Goblins are reduced to a National Morale of -1. They cannot pass any dice on the National Morale test so the nation's morale collapses and they suffer a further -2 penalty. Their National Morale is now -3 and they sue for peace with the Brethren and the Border Kingdoms. With the Brethren leading them, the Border Kingdoms have a National Morale of 5 (including the leader's War Rating) so the peace will last for eight years. The Brethren will also receive one recruitment roll per year from the Goblins, so expect to see Goblins in the Brethren army over the next few years! The Brethren are also now the Goblins' "Hated Enemy".

The Winter Turn
All non-core stands in each army are lost. New recruitment rolls will be made in the Spring.

No leaders die over the winter and the Goblins have chosen a new leader, Graash the Unflinching (WR 2). No heroes have been found, but Treyine has chosen to recruit a wizard. Callifraxia Glories-in-the-Sun (Level 3) will join their army. Callifraxia is a Valkae Amazon, who has chosen to settle in Treyine and study other schools of magic. (Now all I have to do is paint her!)

No artefacts or magic items have been found within the campaign area this Winter either, but The Spear of Saint Lindorf (a holy relic) is still in Treyine.


  1. Hot dice, recruiting a level three wizard. Great site, nice job. I too am looking forward to the reissue of Warrior Heroes, a truly great game.

  2. Thanks, I appreciate the comments.

    The hot dice helped: I rolled a one, although Treyine's Mana of 2 would help too. On the other hand, one of the additional downloads has them with a Mana of -2, which would leave me only with a Level 2 Wizard. Given their Tech of 2, that sounds more reasonable to me. I may have to retro apply the -2 and take the Level 2 Wizard instead. I have now painted her so I think a picture ought to follow shortly together with a small bio.


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