Thursday, 2 April 2009


In the far north, where the black rock stands guard over the raging sea, lies the icy land of Mirholme. This is a land of petty kings that is rarely united. Kings have tried to extend their rule over the whole country, but the topography is against them. Mirholme is a land of high mountains, broad forests and deep fjords. It is a spectacular place and yet deadly. The greatest of the kings of Mirholme at the moment is Gunnar Broadaxe. Gunnar's influence is felt far and wide across the land and it is said that he has sworn to lay the whole country under his heel. Gunnar is tall, fair of hair and has piercing blue eyes. He is said to be even-handed, just and generous. The same cannot be said of his wicked uncle, Olaf Squinteye, who constantly opposes Gunnar in everything. Olaf feels slighted because he did not inherit his brother's crown, so now he seeks to take it from Gunnar.

As well as the kings that rule each valley, Mirholme is home to the dreaded sea-kings. The sea-kings are notorious pirates. They rule no land but claim anything they can on the sea. Their raids on other countries, and even on their own people, are without mercy. They are brutal, hard men. Helgi Snake-eye is one such man. He commands a fleet of twenty ships. Each man is sworn to serve Helgi until death and beyond. The men in Helgi's fleet live by a strict warrior code that recognises their allegiance to Helgi and no other. They are sworn never to marry, never to back down from a fight and always to follow through on any boast or promise they make.

Mirholme breeds strong, powerful people. It's rulers gain their place by right of might, but their wealth is not much more than that of their people. Yet these hardy people scratch a living from the icy fjords and poor fields. They supplement their living by reiving during the summer months. Mirholmen raiders are feared in every land that has a sea coast. Alternatively, they trade far and wide, for Mirholmen sailors are the finest in the world, and their ships are renowned for their sea-worthiness. The sight of a Mirholmen sail is cause for much trepidation until the intent of the Mirholmen sailors is known. Many do not wait to find out either.

I don't have a 6mm Mirholmen army yet but I hope to get one soon, and pictures will follow as soon as I do.

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