Tuesday, 12 May 2009

August 986 - A Taxing Question

There was a commotion at the bakery. This would simple not do, so Brother Cedric went to investigate. An official from the Border Kingdom was arguing with Griselda and several of his guards were standing around menacingly.

“I am here to collect your taxes. You have not paid any this year,” the official said.
“Yes, we have, sir,” replied Griselda, "I showed you the receipt earlier."
“As I have already explained that was income tax, this is property tax,” said the official.

Brother Cedric approached the official. “Hello I’m Brother Cedric and in the absence of the Lodge Master, I’m in charge of the Lodge. Can I be of assistance in this matter?”

“Not unless you are going to pay the property tax for this ... this woman!” exclaimed the official angrily.

“I’d love to help you," Brother Cedric replied smoothly, "unfortunately this building happens to be on Lodge property. I’m sure it’s an honest mistake you’ve made, but the village entire lies within the boundary of land gifted to the Brethren. This would be covered by the Royal Edict of 980 on the Brethren land. Also I think you’ll find that according to the Edict of 981, it exempts those lands from paying income tax to the King. That, I think, means you owe this young lady some money, and likewise probably most of the people in the village. You will probably need to check this with your superiors, before returning with the money, so I think I’ll hold on to one of your men until you return. Call it a sort of reminder."

For a moment it looked as if the official might try something. His hand moved a fraction towards his sword. Then it abruptly dropped to his side.

“Very well, I shall consult the Edicts to do with the Brethren.” He almost spat the final word. “You stay here and watch them,” pointing to one of his guards.

“Remember the name Sir Guy de Rope, for it will come back to haunt you.” With that he strode off with his men to their horses and was soon heading out of the village.

"Oh, Brother Cedric," breathed Griselda huskily, "Thank you. You have saved our dough again. How can I ever repay you?"

This was a simple Talk the Talk encounter with the local authorities. Brother Cedric wowed the official with lots more successfully passed die rolls than the official got. As a result he obtained one of the official's men for the rest of the adventure. The bakery was saved for another time and peace reigns for a little while longer. Words by Steve.

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