Sunday, 31 May 2009

Winter 986 - Chilling Out

The Winter passed uneventfully for Brother Cedric. No attempts were made on the bakery all winter, and the village was peaceful, leaving him time to concentrate on his duties at the Lodge. With the winter snows cutting the village off for most of the winter, there was little to do but sit by the fire and keep warm. Simple survival was more important for everyone than trying to find and destroy their enemies. Time enough for that when the Spring finally arrives once more.

Ragnar did not rest up and spent the winter travelling through Altengard and Ekra. The journey was slow but without incident. Ragnar had decided that his best opportunities for fame and glory lay in Zog-Rot, the land of the goblins. Few would cry if he raided a goblin settlement or two and he thought that the goblins' habit of raiding their neighbours may have led to them amassing sufficient wealth to make it worth Ragnar's while.

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