Friday, 8 May 2009

September 986 - You ist not from roundt hier, ja?

Travelling further into Altengard, Ragnar and his group arrived at Beetleburg, a small town near the capital of Altengard. Things were going peacefully until a group of locals decided to have a go at the group. The thugs’ leader accosted Ragnar while he was enjoying a quiet pint of beer, but quickly backed down when Ragnar stood up. The newly healed scar on Ragnar’s face, the travel-worn clothes and the obviously used weapons all made Ragnar seem more imposing despite his years. The thug changed his mind very quickly. Before you could say Peer Gynt, the thugs were Ragnar’s best friends.

This was a Talk the Talk scenario. Ragnar encountered some locals and beat them on the Talk the Talk table. Simple and quick.

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