Tuesday, 12 May 2009

September 986 - Win Some, Lose Some.

Several weeks later a messenger arrived requesting Brother Cedric’s presence in Elmsbrook, the main town of the area. It was signed by the local Baron and Brother Cedric had little doubt as to what it was about. Several days were spent in preparation, which were mainly spent reviewing again the Royal Edicts and ensuring the village would be adequately defended in his absence. Brothers Cedric, Wilfhelm and Klaus and the guardsman of Guy de Rope set off towards Elmsbrook. It would be at least a four day journey to get there.

Upon arrival at the town, they had first to get past the guards at the gate, who seemed very suspicious of anyone bearing arms. Their attitude didn’t change that much upon viewing the summons. Eventually they were lead towards the citadel. Here they waited for several hours before being lead into the presence of the Baron Leblanc.

“Ah, so this is our Brother Lawyer is it? Well you’ve caused me some slight headache here, but not as much as Sir Guy,” indicating the official nearby. Sir Guy glared at Brother Cedric with burning anger. If looks could kill, Brother Cedric would have been a pile of ash on the floor at that very moment.

“Well we’ve look into the matter and it appears you were quite correct. So, in light of his mistake Sir Guy has generously agreed to reimburse the money he mistakenly took from the Brethren land. If you could just let him have the guardsman back he so carelessly left behind.”

The guardsman walked back towards the official and an attendant walked to Brother Cedric bearing a large purse of money.

“Thank you, your lordship. I shall ensure this is returned to the correct people.” With a small bow, Brother Cedric turned and left the chamber.

“I think you may have to deal with our little friend in the near future Sir Guy. Wouldn’t do for these Brethren scum to get too above themselves would it?” said the Baron.

Another Talk the Talk encounter, but this time a less favourable result for Brother Cedric. He lost the encounter leading to the local official taking one of his men for a while. We agreed that it would be the return of the man that Brother Cedric had previously gained, since that fitted the story nicely. Words by Steve.

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