Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Summer 990 - Campaign Update

Spring proved a bad time to be a ruler in Talomir. Ekra exists no more. Hykar is much reduced, although the war still goes on. The Rock has fallen under Treyine rule and the Brethren are now little more than puppets of the Treyine empire. Talomir is in upheaval and it seems likely that it can only get worse as Mirholme, The Capalan League and Tereken join the campaign. The viciousness of all this fighting seems to have left everyone a bit stunned and the only war this summer is a reprisal raid by the Hykar on the Mirish aimed at recovering lost territory.

Full army lists may be found on the Campaign Army Lists page. The leaders of each nation are all detailed on the National Leaders page.


  1. Exciting, I am looking forward to hearing more about this campaign. I'm also trying to make more progress on my Talomir map project.

    I also referred somebody to you for advice on hexes for RRtK battles on the THW board, I don't know if you saw that one.


  2. Thanks, Sean. I'm glad you like our little campaign. We are looking at ways to expand it and are considering opening up nations in the campaign to other people. We just need to work out how best to do it.

    I just replied to the post about hexes on the group. I hope it is what he was after.


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