Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Spring 991 - Campaign Progress

After a hard winter, the nations of Talomir are more than ever seeking to dominate their neighbours and ensure their own survival.

Altengard has chosen to invade the Capalan League from the forest near the coastal town of Gartenmeerstadt. This is rumoured to be a preemptive strike, because the hawks are increasingly vocal in the high council of Capalan.

Mirish has rallied its army and seeks to dislodge the Elves of Lothgolin from their foothold in Mirish territory.

The Orcs of Naz-Goth see easy pickings in their Goblinoid brethren to the west and have invaded Zog-Rot.

The Treyine army is on the march once more. Edward, King of Treyine, has vowed to leave no two stones standing on each other in Seniira until reparations are made for the damage done during last year's Seniiran invasion of Treyine.

The Hykari ponygirls have a real problem too. A large dragon is laying waste to their nation. They must defeat it or suffer.

The armies have been recruited and can be found on the Campaign Armies page.

The battles of Spring 991


  1. Oops! Did I miss my opportunity to roll for going to war?

  2. No, Sean, I rolled for all nations and Mirholme chose not to go to war! It surprised me, but it also seemed logical after the civil war. Now, about that dragon you were thinking of hunting ... :-)

    1. Yeah, I just sent out a reply to your email. I see the Hykar army is going to take it on. I also need to game Hemming's encounter. If no one wants to game the Dragon war I'll do it. It looks like counters again I'm afraid. Although I do have a few Mighty Empires Dragons around somewhere. Hmm.


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