Friday, 2 November 2012

Spring 992 - Battle for Crater Lake

This was the battle between Mirholme and the invading forces of Tereken. Once again I'm trying a slightly different style of report. This battle was characterized by absolutely horrible dice rolls for Mirholme. They basically rolled high when they needed low and vice versa.

Gunnar Broadaxe led from the front, as vikings are wont to do, while King Harold sent his General, Lord Uhtred (thanks Bernard Cornwell) to conquer his implacable foe.

You can see here Godwin made 7 of 13 dice, Hedin 2 of 14!?!

Although they won, Tereken took a beating as well. In the pursuit all of the Mirholme forces recovered, I did not roll for Hedin as he was killed in heroic combat.

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  1. Great report, Sean, if a rotten result for you. Hopefully you can sort out those Tereken oiks in the summer and send them packing.


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