Thursday, 8 November 2012

Summer 992 - Battle at the Flaming Woods

"What's this place here?"
"There, just under that ale stain you left on the map."
"Oh there. That's Northern Tropilium. They annexed Hykar in the Spring."
"Really? Oh dear. I don't like the sound of that. Don't we have some Hykari in the army somewhere?"
"Yes, your majesty. A detachment of Hykari cavalry led by a rather wild girl called Barbax."
"Ah, right. Yes, she was something to do with that Brethren plot, eh?"
"Not precisely. She was chasing that Brethren chap, who tried stealing The Spear."
"Oh yes, that's right. What did she want with him?"
"I think it was a misunderstanding about the title Father in the brethren."
"Oh, ok. Why did they send him against us? As I recall, he was nice but dim."
"Yes, your majesty. He completely failed to escape and solve the diplomatic problem he created by getting captured. It was all rather awkward. He's running a preceptory up north now."
"Ah, good. Not too much damage he can do there. Are our spies looking after him properly?"
"Yes, your majesty."
"Very good. Now, about Northern Tropilium. It's just not done, you know, attacking our allies. I think we need to teach them a lesson."
And that is how foreign policy is made in Treyine.
The Tropilium army realises just how outnumbered they really are.
The Tropilium army does a rapid about face and disappears into the edge of the woods while their cavalry try to flank the Treyine army
The Treyine army advances rapidly to bow range before the archers place their stakes in front of them. A detachment of archers wheels to face the enemy cavalry and annihilates the light cavalry. Meanwhile a unit of mercenary Eskelin knights races across to contain any attempt to move around the Treyine flank by the enemy cavalry.
As Treyine cavalry races across the battlefield, Treyine archers open up on the Tropilium infantry and draw them out of the woods.
With nothing left of tactical finesse in their arsenal, the Tropilium army charges the Treyine archers and is repulsed with heavy losses. The Treyine cavalry is now deployed on the Tropilium flank.
And the battle ends with a charge and a rain of arrows. Northern Tropilium sues for peace.
"Your majesty, I have the envoy from Northern Tropilium here. He wishes to broker a peace treaty with us. It would appear that they wish to gift us one of their provinces in return for the extensive military training we have given them."
"Very good. Sort it out then, would you? I have a game of croquet this afternoon and dare not be late. The Queen has organised it on behalf of the Ekran Orphans Fund."

I cannot remember at what point the Tropilium commander was wounded, but it was certainly early on. This hampered the Tropilium effort, although Steve reckons he made a couple of errors that handed the battle to Treyine. The funniest thing was seeing him turn his infantry about face and march away from my battle line on the first turn of the game. I don't think Tropilium really stood a chance in this one as Treyine was able to cut them down with bowfire before slicing and dicing them from the flank.


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