Thursday, 29 November 2012

Battle of Lost Souls

A cheer rose like a rolling clap of thunder from the Dwarven line. The hero, Thor Whome, was making his way through the troops yelling words of encouragement. He made his way up to the general, Bal Torls. Bal whispered a silent prayer to his evil god. His father had tasked him to push back the undead horde that had invaded their sacred country and had made their way straight to one of their holy sites. His father was unable to fight this battle himself as he was leading an army against an Orc invasion. His confidence had slipped as he noted that his army was out numbered 3-1. Now things had changed, with the appearance of Whome, not only did he envision a vicotry but his thoughts drifted to his father and how a victory here would give him the power necessary to 'remove' his father.
The Liche, Wearz Meskin, casually surveyed the battlefield and slowly his gaze concentrated on the Dwarven holy site. How is army would swell when he made his way in there and summoned the dead to rise and follow him.

The scenery consists of an impassable area (the statues), 2 woods and an area of rocky terrain.

Disciples pass 0D6 on Casualty recovery, the servants pass 0d6, 1 soldier passes 2d6, 1 passes 0d6, hero passes 2d6.  Both Thor Whome and Bal Torls survive the battle. 

Apologies for the lack of written details but I have succumbed to a massive throat infect part way through playing the game and so not up to writing much.


  1. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I think the diagrams are clear enough, one doesn't need text. I've had a few battles like this where one side just wants to get it over with. Usually works out exactly as portrayed here. Good report.

  2. Seems to be the time of year for everyone being ill. I hope you are better soon, Graham. Thanks for an enjoyable report. Sometimes it's just nice to have pictures that tell the story and a bit of narrative at the start. Poor evil dwarves succumbing to evil undead! Could this spell the end of Dwarven ambitions on the world stage?

  3. Thanks for the well wishes both of you. :)


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