Saturday, 3 November 2012

Summer 992 - Campaign Update

Spring was brutal and bloody on all accounts. The Orcs lost territory to Treyine and sued for peace. Altengard continued its war with Capalan and severely mauled the Capalan army. Mirish annihilated the Black Moon Elves of Gorath. Tereken invaded Mirholme, capturing a province and killing the great Mirholmen hero, Hedin Silkybeard in the process. Can Mirholme fight its way back from this defeat?

With the coming of Summer and planting out of the way, it looks like everyone's blood is up. Suddenly there is practically nowhere that is not at war with someone else!

Continuing Wars
Altengard invades Capalan
Mangu invades Stygustan
Tereken invades Mirholme

New Wars
The Abyss invades Bal-a-Tor
Naz-Goth invades Bal-a-Tor
Treyine invades Northern Tropilium
Valkae invades Altengard

The Altengard high command decides to defend their territory against the Valkae invaders, leaving Capalan alone to regroup over the summer. This means that the Capalan League will be on the offensive against Altenguard in the autumn.

Bal-a-Tor chooses to split its army and defend both of its provinces:
Army 1 versus Naz-Goth led by their normal general (WR 3)
1 Crossbows
2 Soldiers
2 Servants of Null

Army 2 versus The Abyss led by a subordinate general (WR 2 increased to 3 because of the Hero)
2 Soldiers
1 Disciples of Null
1 Servants of Null
1 Hero (ET, TER, WR1, Melee, Rep8, AC6)

N.B. The rules do not cover who leads armies when you split them. It seems too harsh to leave an army leaderless (WR 1), so the army will have a base WR 2, unless the extra general is killed.

Talomir - Summer 992

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