Monday, 18 January 2010

Autumn 988 - Brother Cedric hits town

Dear Griselda,

Hope this card finds you well, your letters to me appear to have gone missing. Hopefully they will catch up with me before too long.

I did however get a strange letter from Barbax, you remember the nice lady I met last year. Well it appears she has misplaced her husband and, if I’m translating correctly, though I might know where he was. All very strange. I mentioned this to Brother Leelove and he slapped me on the back and smiled.

Anyway, we have just passed through the village of Clegthorpe and were minding our own business, preaching to the locals, when a band of armed men arrived. It looked for a while as if there might be trouble, there were an awful lot of archers. Fortunately, Sir Ashby de Clegthorpe, their leader, was a pious man and once I explained we were on a religious quest, he threw his lot in with us. Obviously I was a little vague on the nature of the quest. I can’t see him stopping with us long once he knows we are after the thing we are after. Maybe we will have to leave him somewhere before he cottons on.

We shall continue to search the countryside of Treyine, until the above not mentioned item is found, and can be returned to it’s rightful place.

Brother Cedric

This was another Talk the Talk encounter. Brother Cedric swept young Ashby off his feet, and so Ashby decided to follow Cedric for the rest of his current adventure. Ashby does not know what he has got himself into though! Mind you, neither does Cedric really.

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