Monday, 18 January 2010

Winter 988 - Campaign Update

The battles of the Autumn have changed the face of Talomir. The Border Kingdoms, once the buffer between the civilised south and the goblin-filled north, are no longer there. One can only hope that the Brethren are willing to take on that role now that they have subjugated part of that nation. Or will this year see rebellion and uprisings?

The Treyine juggernaut has continued to storm through the lands and only winter has stopped them. What will spring bring? More bloody flowers being planted throughout Talomir?

The situation during Winter 988 (click the picture for a larger version):

Following the debacle in battle against Treyine, the Hykari have had their leader torn apart by wild horses. She is being replaced by one Barbax Gutripper (WR 3). Although this is the usual practice in Hykar for dealing with war-leaders that flee the field, it has not been universally acknowledged as a good thing and Hykari national morale has been reduced as a result. Let us hope that Barbax does better than her predecessor, or dies in the field, which would probably be less painful than the alternative.

The year 989 also sees the addition of Mirish and Seniira to the campaign. Will they fare any better than those already involved?


  1. Awesome to see this back in full swing!

  2. Thanks. I just need to finish making the terrain for Cedric's next misadventure and we are good to go full steam ahead with the next battle.


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