Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Mirish Army

The Mirish are an ancient empire. Their troops love brightly coloured silks and provide a very colourful spectacle as they ride past or over you. They rely on their horsemen for their army's strength, but supplement that with elephants and a small levy of infantry.

By far the most common troops in the army are the Clibinarii, heavily armoured cavalry with both lance and a deadly composite shortbow.

To provide extra heavy impact, the richer Mirish warriors are fielded as fully armoured cataphracts. Their charge is one that few can withstand, and many a warrior has fled at the first rumble of that charge.

Chionite horsemen from the outer reaches or Mirish are consummate light cavalry, who harass the enemy and distract their troops, seeking to break up their formations and cause confusion in their ranks.

Sometimes the Mirish generals are fortunate enough to field units of elephants as shock troops. These fearsome beasts are feared by most soldiers and carry a howdah replete with archers and spearmen.

Mirish infantry is universally of poor quality. The levy spearmen carry basket-work shields and spears and are never particularly enthusiastic.

Infantry support is provided by skirmishers with slings and bows.

Mirish heroes and generals never walk. Most prefer horses for transport, but some like the extra impact and fear factor of an elephant mount.

The whole Mirish army.

Mirish will join the campaign in Spring 989. Their starting army will consist of:
4 Clibanarii
2 Cataphracts
1 Chionite Cavalry
2 Elephants
1 Levy
2 Skirmishers

The army is based around the Sassanid Persian army, and I have used Baccus Sassanians to model this army. I hope they do well because I have plenty more Sassanians left to paint and it will provide the impetus I need for that.

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