Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Showing Spell Effects In Warrior Heroes

I have been meaning to paint up some figures for spell effects in Warrior Heroes, and finally got around to it over the Christmas break. I began with the summoning spells, and plan to add other spells that have physically enduring effects later.

Before you can have spells, you need someone to cast them. Here we see a meddle of wizards (figures by Irregular Miniatures):

Warrior Heroes has a number of summoning spells in it. At the lower levels you can summon hordes of small demons or raise legions of undead (figures for both spells from Irregular Miniatures):
Legions of Night

Death Rattle

If you need a more powerful summoning spell then you can cast a Summon spell, which will bring a minor demon to your service (figures are D&D Miniatures Abyssal Maws):

Or, if you need the big guns, then you can cast a Gate spell although the risks are great and you could find yourself a victim of your own spell if it goes wrong (figure is a Dreamblade Murderous Berserker):

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  1. This reminds me I must finish the Seniira army off soon. I shall put them onto my painting board next. Excellent work, Ruarigh, look forward to facing them across the table.



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