Monday, 23 March 2009

The Army of Treyine

Treyine is a small nation of shopkeepers. It's inhabitants believe in fair play and are reputed to play strange games with bats and balls. No foreigner has ever stayed awake long enough at one of these games to report what actually goes on.

The people of Treyine are strong and bold. The strength of their army lies in the sturdy yeomen that form its backbone, because the country is not rich enough to support the large numbers of knights that its wealthier neighbour, Ekra does. Nevertheless, this reliance on the yeomen of the country to defend it has led to a fairer society and greater willingness to defend the land on the part of the yeomanry. Unlike a typical Ekran army, the Treyine army only has a small contingent of knights, who mostly fight on foot. Most of the army is armed with the dreaded Treyine longbow, a weapon that requires training from birth to use effectively, but when used by experienced archers, it is deadly. The Treyine army lofts thousands of arrows in every volley, which is enough to discourage most enemies.

Despite the emphasis on the archers in the Treyine army, these soldiers are backed up by billmen, whose main function is to protect the archers and close with the enemy. Occasionally, spearmen from the Treyine Marches are recruited to the army, and some lords have been known to recruit mercenary handgunners too. The people of Treyine are forward-thinking and recognise that developments in technology may well supersede the effectiveness of the bow one day.

The country is currently ruled by King Edward IV, a brave and noble warrior king, who is often seen fighting at the head of his army. His brother, Richard, is also a doughty warrior and usually stands loyally beside Edward in battle.

The Treyine army:

Edward IV and his brother, Richard:

Foot knights:

Retinue billmen:

Retinue archers:

Marcher spearmen:

Mercenary handgunners:

These figures are all 6mm Baccus Wars of the Roses figures. Although the Treyine army is based on an English Hundred Years War army, I have chosen to use Wars of the Roses figures to represent it because I like the Baccus figures and am also engaged in a long-term Wars of the Roses project. This army is painted in Yorkist colours from the Wars of the Roses.

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