Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Ragnar's Saga - Prelude

Ragnar and his brave comrades travelled east in their old fishing boat. Ragnar was the third son of an impoverished yeoman, Ketil the son of Grim. Like many third sons before him, he had chosen to pursue glory and wealth abroad rather than remaining on the farm to moulder and grow old. Of course, the sagas were only ever told about those third sons that had become wealthy and returned home. No one spoke of the rest, who died in foreign lands or were enslaved on their travels. Runestones across Mirholme attested the number of bodies that never returned. Ragnar felt sure, with all the cockiness and confidence of youth that he would return home wealthy and covered in glory.

To make sure that he left, his father gifted him with a worn out old fishing boat that he could no longer be bothered repairing, weapons and armour. These were the sum total of Ragnar’s inheritance. Ragnar then announced his intention of going a-viking and recruited to his banner a handful of local youths, who shared Ragnar’s dreams of wealth and glory. Filled with the skalds’ songs, Ragnar and his crew sailed eastwards, ready to pillage and burn their way into the sagas. Only the Norns knew what their fate would be …

I began Ragnar's Saga a while back and I did not take any photos of my solo games for it, but I plan to stage a few recreations and post the original battle reports here. It does mean that it will be a while before Ragnar does anything new, but that gives me time to sort things out and still post regularly. Brother Cedric will also get a chance to catch up in the meantime. Ragnar is the Gripping Beast "Egill Skallagrimsson". I put down some of his attitude to male pattern baldness!


  1. Congratulations for this new blog Ruarigh. I was going to start a WHAA campaign with Mirholme Star as well, once I finish my WHAA Orcs drift camapaign.
    I'm very interested to know about Ragnars saga!

  2. More will follow. One thing I have considered is expanding this campaign and allowing a lot more people to contribute / take part. I am just not sure how to approach that at the moment.

  3. Neither do I at the moment but I'd like to participate. Please let me know it you reach into something.


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