Saturday, 28 March 2009

Warrior Heroes - Campaign Outline

The War Ratings and Morale statuses of the four nations involved in the basic campaign are listed in the top right of the blog. War Rating determines how aggressive a nation is. Morale determines how long a nation is likely to stay at war and how long the ensuing peace is likely to be.

The campaign is fought in seasons, unlike the Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures campaign which is fought in months. In Talomir, Spring lasts from January to March. Summer is from April to June. Autumn is from July to September and Winter lasts from October to December. That keeps things simple and easy to track.

Each season except for Winter, a check is made to see if a nation goes to war. If it goes to war then it's target must be determined. The War Rating and Alignment of the various nations, among other things, affects how often and with whom nations will make war. Other factors also affect this, but you will have to read the rules for those. If a nation goes to war with another nation, then a target province is nominated, a battle is fought and the winner gets the province. Checks are then made to see if the war ends or if it will continue for another season. Meanwhile the other nations are still testing to see if they will go to war too.

The campaign ends when all participants get bored, one person clearly dominates the nations involved or one person controls the Amulet of Sorbrowane, the Brazier of Durmun and the War Horn of Naz-Goth. If these artefacts are brought together at the same time on the Peaks of Gorath, the final battle between the Red Sun and the Black Moon will begin and all existence will be destroyed. Or maybe the person that gathered them on the Peaks of Gorath will be granted dominion over all Talomir. Who knows? Well, if it ever actually happens then we shall find out.

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