Sunday, 29 March 2009

Summer 986 - Campaign Progress

The summer months began with a wave of assassinations that led to the Brethren being asked to govern the Border Kingdoms. No other news of worth had happened since the previous year. Rumours of a Goblin Khan uniting the Goblins of Zog-Rot were disturbing but nothing had been proven yet.

Campaign Map at start of Summer 986

Magic Items
The locations of the following magic items are known:
Spear of Lindorf - Treyine
Crystal Light of Yaqub - Demeskeen (non-campaign nation)
Book of the Hungry Moon - Naz-Goth (non-campaign nation)

Each has a fixed core and rolls for additional units based on how many provinces it controls and its technology level. The current status of the armies is as follows.

Border Kingdoms/Brethren
1 Brother Knights
1 Brother Sergeants
2 Heavy Spearmen
1 Peasant Foot
2 Crossbows
1 Peasant Archer
+4 rolls

3 Knights
4 Infantry
2 Crossbows
2 Mercenary Arquebusiers
1 Peasant Archers

1 Foot Knight
2 Retinue Foot
9 Longbowmen
1 Mercenary Handgunners

3 Archers
7 Goblins
1 Black Moon Goblins
1 Wolf Riders

No Wizards, Heroes or Mercenaries are available this campaign year. They may become available in the next campaign year.

On checking to see if anyone has gone to war, we find that all is peaceful for the time being. Well, at least at a national level it is. Brother Cedric is finding things rather hotter than expected!

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