Thursday, 4 June 2009

Spring 987 - Campaign Progress

Both the Brethren and Treyine have rolled to go to war this turn, so they have each declared war on the other. Seeing a threat developing on their northern frontier, the Treyine king decides to invade the Border Kingdoms. The goblins of Zog-Rot sit quietly, trying to recuperate and rebuild their destroyed armies. The Ekrans also sit quietly. Perhaps they will swoop to pick up the pieces after the other nations are finished tearing each other apart.

Campaign map at start of Spring 987 (click for a larger version)

The following mercenaries are available for recruitment:
The Black Company (cost = 2 Recruiting Rolls)
The White Company (cost = 2 Recruiting Rolls)

Ekra recruits the Black Company and Treyine recruits the White Company.

Armies for 987
The armies for 987 will be as follows:

Border Kingdoms/Brethren
1 Brother Knights
1 Brother Sergeants
5 Heavy Spearmen
3 Peasant Foot
2 Crossbows
1 Peasant Archer
1 Black Moon Goblins (allied contingent)

5 Knights
2 Infantry
2 Crossbows
1 Peasant Foot
The Black Company

1 Foot Knight
2 Retinue Foot
6 Longbowmen
The White Company
The Spear of Saint Lindorf
Callifraxia Glories-in-the-Sun (Level 3 Wizard)

3 Archers
6 Goblins
1 Black Moon Goblins
1 Wolf Riders

Holy Relics
The locations of the following relics are known:
Spear of Lindorf - Treyine

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