Tuesday, 30 June 2009

April 987 - Brave as a Wolf

Ragnar's travels had taken him through Altengard to Ekra without mishap but with little opportunity for gain either. He was travelling through the Ekran border country, heading for the Border Kingdoms when a local knight, Sir Roger de Gris, put pressure on Ragnar to help him in his efforts against his rival, Sir Albert de Beauville. Ragnar could do little to resist this and had to send Ulf to help Roger. Fortunately Ulf was able to escape this duty fairly quickly after Sir Roger ambushed Sir Albert and was killed by him. Like the brave soldier he was, Ulf took to his heels and fled the fight.

Another Talk the Talk encounter with the local authorities. Ragnar lost and had to send Ulf off temporarily to help the knight.

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