Saturday, 6 June 2009

Beastmen of Talomir

The Beastmen of Talomir are a tribe that has yet to acquire nation status. They mainly live in the north-east of Talomir, but are also encountered occasionally in the south-west and more rarely in the south-east. It is thought that the Beastmen are descendants of a once-proud race that lived in the Stygustan area and rules a great empire tens of thousands of years ago. These Beastmen were, and still are, worshipped as gods by the humans of Stygustan, although the Stygustani deny the divinity of the modern Beastmen. Modern Beastmen are vicious creatures of limited intelligence and have a fondness for human flesh, which does not endear them to humans.

In game terms the Beastmen can appear as part of the overall campaign. They will show up in a randomly determined area of the world and try to seize control of a province. If they succeed then they will try to expand their kingdom and found a new empire. Rumour has it that a King of the Beastmen will be born, who can lead them to greatness once more.

Beastmen can also be encountered in WHAA. Anyone adventuring in the Border Kingdoms or the lands of the demi-humans could encounter them. Below we see a small warband of Beastmen in Stygustan. Pity the poor villagers that they fall on and devour (click on the picture for a larger image):

Note: I have not found a suitable range of 6mm figures for a Beastman army. I have been looking because I would like to include them in our WH games too. Nothing that Irregular does seems quite right to me, nor do GW Epic chaos types. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to post them here and I shall check the ranges out.

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