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"Centaurs!" the shout goes up from the look-out. Suddenly the village is in a frenzy of activity as mothers grab their children and men grab their weapons. They struggle to organise themselves in time but the fast moving dust cloud is upon them before they realise it. The village erupts in a cacophony of screams and shouts as desperate villagers try to stop the oncoming horde. Before too long the surviving villagers are rounded up and corralled. The centaurs walk unheeding of their bloodied hooves through the slain and dying as they loot the village and put to the sword those that will not make good slaves. Then they depart with their booty at a slower pace than they arrived. They do not fear pursuit. The speed of their attack was sufficient to prevent anyone from running for help. Besides, who could catch them anyway?

A 6mm centaur herd comprising the core army (click the pic for a larger image)
Front rank - Centaur hero and centaur wizard
Second rank - centaur spears (left and right), veteran centaurs (centre)
Rear ranks - centaur archers

Centaur herds may be found in the non-human lands of north-eastern Talomir. They live out on the plains and raid the settlements around them. Their attacks are fierce and brutal but they rarely hang around after they have what they want. However, occasionally a more aggressive and dominant alpha stallion can unite a number of herds, resulting in an attempt at founding a Centaur kingdom.

The Centaurs can show up in a WH campaign as a random event. Each winter dice are rolled t see if they do try to carve out a kingdom. When they appear, it will be in a randomly determined nation in the north-east. They will try to seize a province and use that as a basis for founding a kingdom. If they fail to seize a province before their national morale gives out then they will fade back into the background. If they succeed, then they will use that province as the base for further expansion and will become a force in the campaign.

The list for the Centaurs in the Warrior Heroes rulebook has a number of typos in it. I have reworked it and it is appended below (click the picture for a larger version. I suggest saving the image and looking at it offline. It should be clearer that way):

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  1. Those centaurs are really beautiful! I'm planning to buy some 10mm ones from Pendraken for my WHAA adventures.
    Congratulations for your blog, it's very inspiring.


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