Monday, 29 June 2009

Summer 987 - Campaign Progress

Treyine and the Brethren have agreed terms for peace following the recent readjustment of the borders. However, the hawks in the Treyine government have seen Ekran isolationist policies as a weakness, so Treyine has turned its attention to its other neighbour, egged on by Sir Geoffrey Chambers, who sees in this move an opportunity to get one over his rival, Alfred Badenhorst. Badenhorst is currently in the employ of the Ekran government so Sir Geoffrey can be fairly sure of meeting his old enemy on the field of battle.

Treyine rolled to go to war. It only has one legal target so it must attack Ekra.

The Brethren are unable to go to war with anyone else due to the various peace treaties that are in force. The Brethren rolled that they should go to war, but we decided that they should honour their peace treaties with the Zog-Rot and Treyine. There is an argument for breaking their treaty with Zog-Rot on the grounds that the Brethren did not pursue this treaty, but we finally decided that both parties should honour the treaty since this is implicit in the rules.

Zog-Rot and Ekra decided not to go to war.

The situation at the start of Summer 987 (Click for a larger version)

The armies for the war between Ekra and Treyine will remain the same as those they had at the start of the year.

With all this peace breaking out, we really need to start adding new nations to the campaign!


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