Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Autumn 987 - Campaign Progress

The Treyine invasion of Ekra was successful. They drove the Ekrans from the field and secured more territory for themselves. Treyine expansion is understandably making everyone else rather nervous, but there seems to be little that anyone can do about it yet. Both nations' governments are on shaky ground (both only passed 1 die following the summer battle) but the war continues.

The rules do not actually include anything on continuing wars. Treyine is the aggressor in this war and so would normally choose a province to attack. However, it strikes me that the defender might well counter-attack to retake land they have lost. I devised a test to determine who will attack whom in this case. Roll 2 dice versus the War Rating of each nation. Whichever nation scores the most successes will be the attacker. In the case of a draw, I re-rolled until there was a clear winner. I am half-tempted to include an option for not attacking, to allow for the consolidation of forces and a period of phony war, but where is the fun in that?

The Treyine juggernaut continued to advance, trampling their enemies under foot. The Ekrans chose to try to consolidate their forces and hold out for winter, in the hope that they can regroup and retake their lost lands next year.

The other nations are all busily setting their smiths to work, just in case they are next!

The Situation at the Start of Autumn 987 (click for a larger image)

Armies at war:
4 Knights
1 Infantry
1 Crossbows
The Black Company

1 Foot Knight
2 Retinue Foot
6 Longbowmen
The White Company
The Spear of Saint Lindorf
Callifraxia Glories-in-the-Sun (Level 3 Wizard)


  1. This has been a great read! And the use of the 6mm figures are a wonderful idea!

  2. I'm glad you appreciate it. It is good to know that I am not just writing all this for myself.

    One of the really good things about the 6mm armies is that it makes producing a large range of armies viable. There are only two of us playing in this campaign so we need a cheap and cheerful way of building a variety of armies and 6mm is the way to go. 2mm was tempting but I wanted a bit more character and already had a lot of unpainted 6mm lead.


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